What is O-TIME you ask?  O TIME is a representation of all things great about the Oregon Ducks.  Duck fans are passionate and creative.  There are many talented individuals or groups that represent Oregon in their own way.  What makes O TIME special is that it's really for the fans.  

The whole crew on the O-TIME shoot
The talented individuals behind O TIME were kind enough to include ALL Duck fans in the making of the video for O TIME.

I was part of it and had a great time doing it.  I met many fellow diehard Duck fans that day, and will never forget it.  We had so much fun, there are plans of potentially doing another this April so stay tuned. Below is the video to the first song, which got a lot of air play on local radio, as well as a couple pics from the day of the shoot, and me reppin O TIME.  O TIME - it's not a college, it's a culture.
Me and Xile